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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Money's Effect on Your Relationships with Others 

Hi all, while I get my debt together, I must keep my friendliess in tact, read the article I wrote for associated content below for more information.

Money is on all of our minds today. There never seems to be enough of it. We are always looking for more of it. No matter how much we have it's not enough. You do not hear anyone saying, "No, I've had enough of money. I'm on a sort of money diet. Its just not good for me. "

Are we happier people because we have money? The economy is booming now. More and more people are going to college and we aren't facing anything like the Great Depression. New ways of obtaining money are always being discovered. Are we friendlier because we all share a common goal, the goal of getting more money? Studies show that those of us who have money on our mind are not very friendly at all. Instead of wanting to give away our money, many of us want to keep even our smiles from one another as we become focused on money and aloof to the needs of others.

Nine experiments were published in the "The Psychological Consequences of Money," http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/short/314/5802/1091. The abstract reads "Even thinking about money changes behavior in reliable ways." These experiments revealed that many people who have money constantly on their minds do not care about the needs of the others. These types of people are also indifferent to interacting with others.

I heard a saying one day from the radio. Someone said that money "is not the key to life, but it is right up there with oxygen."

The person who made this statement may have been what is known as "preconditioned" to money. Another word for preconditioned is "trained." Trained to money. Studies reveal that those who are "preconditioned to money are less helpful, less considerate, and less willing to request help or involve themselves with other people.

The money conscious are not necessarily mean, but perhaps indifferent. However, on a more positive note, being preconditioned to money has been shown to makes us more focused.

Therefore money might be a useful in parenting. If a child is offered an allowance, he or she might focus on their work more and put more effort into getting household tasks done. However, because the preconditioning of money spawns indifference in regards to personal relationships, it may not be a good idea for parents to talk about money too much when attempting to develop a relationship with their children.

An observation of the study moves one to conclude that the indifference-money connection could be one of the reasons why money is one of the biggest causes of marital arguments and divorce.

Additional Resources
http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SavingandDebt/SaveMoney/DoesMoneyMakeYouMean.aspx? http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/short/314/5802/1091.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

I made 26.00 on Associated Content! 

Yes, I am 26 more dollars closer to ending my debt. A few days ago, Associated Content approved a batch of essays I wrote for them, and for the first time, I saw many credits/payments rather than debits listed in my account. It was a great feeling. After looking at the list, I gave out a greeat big shout. Yaay, I made some money!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How You Can Pay Your Bills Late Without Hurting Your Credit Score 

Debt is in a terribly ugly word these days. Generally, one in seven Americans owns a credit card, and credit card companies make it easier and easier for you to get yourself into more debt by tacking on hidden fees and increasing interest rates. If you are aware of your money problems, you probably know that after calculating your monthly cash inflows and outflows, you often find yourself overspent. You try to stick to a budget, but you only make a certain amount of money per month. The letters you receive in the mail keep telling you that you must pay a greater amount to your bills than you make per month.

How is that possible? Looking at such a ratio could probably throw the average person who cares about their bills into a nervous break down. Do you need to start filling out an application for a third or fourth job? Should you consider bankruptcy? No. You can pay your bills late. Don’t despair. “Late” is not a dirty word. Delinquency is another thing all together. Late is just late.

Roll credit card payments, student loan payments, and cell phone payments over to the next month. You don’t even have to worry about your bills piling up and eventually snowballing on you. Some people call this rollover technique “juggling.” You can call it being money savvy, and you can use this technique until you get yourself together and become able to pay your bills on time.

Are you out of college? Are you looking for a job or considering getting an internship? If you think it is impossible to get one with all of the debt that you have, this method is for you.

First you need to realize which bills can wait and which ones need to be paid now. For instance, car insurance companies can sometimes take up to a month or two before they send you a notice that you are past due. After they send you that notice, they often give you another month before they will send you a cancellation notice. Then, you still have about ten to fifteen more days before you have to worry about anything being cancelled. Therefore, it’s possible to push you car insurance payment back a whole two months if you do not have the funds to pay by the due date.

Generally, any payment on credit cards bills must be at least thirty days late before you are reported to credit card bureaus. After thirty days, you should give your credit card companies a call and see if you are in danger of being reported. Sometimes, you have up to two months before your credit card companies will relate anything to the credit bureaus.

If you have consolidated your student loans, there are other options besides deferment. Many of the companies that consolidate loans have grace periods. You can often make a loan payment up to about fifteen days late before you receive any fees.

Also, if you tend to make online payments by waking up in the morning and quickly pressing a “submit” button, you may want to consider reading your mail or perhaps reading all the fine print on the company website. Often, you may receive offers. You may even be able to miss a payment this month on your line of credit in exchange for paying just a small fee.

You can do all of these things and still come out with a good credit score. You just have to be very organized. Make sure you know when thirty days is up. Call the credit card companies ahead of time if you want to know when you are in danger of being reported and make sure you check your mail often for cancellation and past due notices. This way you will not get reported because you made a mistake and did not pay attention.

These techniques should give you all of the time you need to complete an internship or just get yourself together in general. Just remember that you don’t want to be doing this forever. Therefore, in the meantime come up with a plan to start paying your credit cards completely off and getting the rest of your debt in order so that you are not a slave to the small payments you are asked to make each month. Surely, you can somehow arrive at having a good-looking credit report.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nine dollars and 12 cents! 

I made nine dollars and 12 cents on associated content. So far, the payments are still pending and I have not seen anything deposited into my paypal account as of yet. However, I know that payday is coming. I'm also waiting for about 71.40 from fusion cash and about 40.00 from hits for pay. These payments are pending as well and again, I know that payday is coming. I got a letter today from Citibank. Due to negative things on my credit report, they have lowered by credit line to a mere 500.00. That is just horrible. On the other hand, Ge moneyline of credit has given me an offer to skip my payment this month for only a thirty five dollar charge! Like I said, so far Nine dollars and twelve cents and that's pending. I'll keep you updated on how everything goes.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Making money online, I just don't seem to have enough to time to click on all these links 

So Ive found some great websites and blogs about making money online and there seems to be hundreds of ways to make a few bucks here and there, and if you put enough time into it, it seems that you can make a couple of extra hundred a month. Very helpful blogs I found were http://cashquests.blogspot.com/ and http://paidopps.blogspot.com/ and http://the-ultimate-make-money-online-blog.blogspot.com/. The paid opps and ultimate money making blog are really excellent. There are just tons and tons of opportunities out there for earning money and making money at home. However, I have been having a difficult time deciding what to spend time doing. For instance, I start to do ptr programs, ie paid to read. I get bored with making a few cents per email so I then start to write something for Associated Content. I begin to write something really interesting for them and I go way over the 400 word minimum and I end up spending an hour writing an article and who knows how much I might get paid for writing that article. It might even get reject and therefore end up having been a total waste of time. Then I hop on over to constant content where I can set my own price on my articles. I set a good article I wrote on associated content at a price of about 20.00 if I thnk its really good.

I used to do some news writing in college so on the mentioned websites I get to dabble in both news and creative writing as well. I'm doing all of these things, digging into solving this huge debt problem. I need to get rid of this credit card debt immediately. However, sadly I just keep jumpin the gun to get more money and at the same time I desert the thing that could at least make me some money. So I try and try again. I'll update on how everthing goes.

So far I have written 10 articles for Associated content. I told you about the one that made me five whole dollars. I haven't gotten any offers on the other nine articles yet. They are still in submission status, but I can't wait to see the outcome of them. You can see my published news article here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/165461/moneys_effect_on_your_relationships.html

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

After making 5.00, still exploring new ways of making money 

Ok. So I am happy that I made my 5.00 and as of now I have 10 articles submitted on Associated Content and I have posted one of them up for pay on a site called Constant Contant. On Constant Content you can actually set the price that you want people to pay for your articles. I put this one article up and set the price for 20.00. Its 11:34 on a Saturday. Lets see how things get going for the week with this money online thing. In the mean time. I have a hits4pay site

and I have a few referrals. In the month of February, which was the first month I actually started really actively recruiting referrals, I made approximately $40.00. The check should be on its way today and I really am hoping it makes it here before my phone bill is due on the seventh of this month, and that bill is already past due so there is no grace period or anything like that.

In my second attempt in the month of February to make money on the net, I attempted to try a site called fusioncash.net. There I made about 70.00 just signing up for offers. I cashed out on that, and hopefully that check is on its way to my mail box as well. If both of these checks come like they should, I will have made over 100.00 for the month of February soley using the internet. Yay.

I don't know if I can put this hundred toward my debt yet. I owe a few people some money...lol. However, its good to be making money by other means than getting up and driving to work. Today my pay check was super low and the first thing I did was I went out and bought groceries. Silly me.

I also got scammed too. As I was working late at night at the grocery store, some guy comes up to me and tells me that his car is broke down and he is only short 19.18 for the tow guy. Now I needed that 19.18. Well I actually gave him a 20.00 bill, but I really needed it so I told him to give me something to hold so that I could make sure that he would come back and pay me the money back. He gave me the keys to his house so he said. To make a long story short, four hours later, he did not come back. Now I've got some weird guys keys in my drawer and my phone bill, which is already past due is short $20.00! What is up with that folks?

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Friday, March 02, 2007

My first 5.00 towards paying off my debt 

Yes! I made five dollars today by writing a news article for Associated Content about money. Boy did it feel good. I just wonder why the other 5 articles I wrote for them haven't been published yet. Its fine though. Im sure that they will be published in time. I am currently looking into more and more ways to make extra cash. To my dismay, I don't really own anything to sell. I have a nice financed convertible and thats about it. So I must look for ways to make money without having a product. I think the internet is my best vehicle because I love typing and just plain being. On my computer....

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